The model railway is controlled by the Viessmann Commander touch screen controller by

Viessmann Modellspielwaren GmbH
Am Bahnhof 1
D-35116 Hatzfeld


It is situated in a roof loft approximately 6m * 3m. From the beginning the intention was to take advantage of the developments for digital control. I consider this approach offers the user an enhanced capability for control.

To see photos of the layout and a track plan click on 'Model Layout'. For typical screen shots of the Commander see 'Touch Screens'. Do give your views by clicking on 'Feedback'.

The scale is "N" gauge and routes  are set on the Commander to avoid collisions and trains running into points set against them as these cause short circuits to shut down the system. Once a route is set other routes that conflict are no longer set as active.

It is such a pleasure to touch the screen of the Commander and see 16 points change to let a train through on the main line. Recently LDT's RM GB 8 occupancy S88 detectors have been introduced so that the system can set the route for a train when it occupies the section of track that is being monitored.  In addition reed switches have been set in the track to control speed and to activate sounds. This is achieved by the use of magnets fixed to each loco that enable the reed switches to communicate with the controller.

The Commander is unique among DCC command stations in offering the ability to control trains automatically as well driving them without the use of a PC. Route locking is also available to avoid collisions. The speed of locos is achieved by pre-setting 3 test speeds for each loco that are set in the route index cards. By adjusting the rate of acceleration and deceleration trains can realistically be brought to a stop at signals and stations without the use of special brake sections.

A new comprehensive update has now been made available for users which includes major new facilites and enhancements.
The Commander

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